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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Never Thought Internet How To work? Know You

Never Thought Internet How To work? Read Article 
Meet the Internet of Malik, and, learn a little special things occasionally my heart in  are. On the Internet our personal information, photos and all things  which we share with don't want to. Here that the government data, accounts of information and a lot of secret data on the Internet listening to have kept.
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    These things to take my mind in quality-quality of questions  is. The first and most of what it is that eventually the Internet to who is the owner? Second that the Internet to the owner is it's how rich will be. Because we have the Internet for Airtel, idea, reliance companies such as the money we and it companies how rich is, we well know. Then it companies Internet to buy the money to pay it's how rich will ask me and Ferb that I its original up  and the questions to answer . However, it is fulfilled way of in  but Yes, my questions of the need to respond to get in. Today is the same answers on. Thousands of miles away from comes from the data suppose you on the website is no videos we are. You appear to fold video thousands of miles away from  website of the server from your mobile computer that reaches. The talk of pay to have the money website of the server and your device between the connection is made, it connection of you money to pay falls.
            Who have the money? We Internet for money idea and the Airtel, such as the National companies and looking for. The National company Internet for international companies and money is. The companies that is a country and the other country to connect the companies in the sea optical fiber put a country and the other country to connect with a. No one is not the Internet to the owner of the Internet the owner of the searching for you regret that you disappointment will find the. Because no one guy the Internet to do not own. Many people to be collaboration now you think that i'll be the owner then it is how it is? I will tell  Internet of Genesis and it to be with all the search for the countries of the government to the private sector, , civil society of people other many fields to collaboration have.
       On the Internet is assumed the United States a lofty website address (Internet domain) released to other organization,  (Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers) like Internet basic of companies the United States is located, which is due to the Internet on the United States a lofty considered. Preserve of tried to being the Internet to a monopoly of the mode to save the UN of under no Democratic system in to bring tried to being. Country are doing it government of control in to demand many countries of that Internet  of such a system of the Internet by the government of control in to be expected. This is on the Internet to gain control  because many countries and cyber security and abuse to fear, due to which it on the Internet to gain control wants. Internet of the world of so large that about providing information in obtaining not know how long does it take. Hope am this article is your curiosity and a little extent the quiet has to be.

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