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Monday, April 15, 2019

Follow these tips to re-store Whatsapp when the phone is lost or stolen

Follow these tips to re-store Whatsapp when the phone is lost or stolen
The most worrying information remains when the phone is lost or stolen. Because data thievery is also a big loss with money loss. Nowadays most people use whitspace. Whatsapp data is also very important when the phone is eaten. When you do this, you will be able to tell you simple tips about what to do at that time, by following which you can re-store your apps. 

1. First of all, you should lock your SIM immediately by calling your SIM provider so that the number can not miss. After this happens, your number will not be played on the lost device. This will be because this is because a verification code will be sent to registered number upon starting WhatsApp, but due to the closing of the SIM, it will not get the code and your number will not be whatsapp.

2. After turning off SIM, go to any mobile store and take your SIM. Now you can install Whitsap on any device. However, keeping an eye on that one number can be a whitespace in only one phone at the same time.

3 If you wish, you can also mail the Whitsap Team. Remember you have to write lost / stolen: Deactivate my account along with your WhatsApp number.
WhatsApp has 30 days to resume your account. After one month your account will be manually deleted. If someone sends you a message during this time, it will remain padded but it will be deleted after 30 days. If you have backed up on an online cloud, you will be able to re-store your chat history.