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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

If you want to get admission in CBSE by changing the school, first know the rules

If you want to get admission in CBSE by changing the school, first know the rules
The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced new rules for students wishing to get admission in CBSE school for standard 10 and standard 12. According to the new rules of CBSE, if 9th and 11th standard is done in any other school, then admission in another school will have to follow the new rules of the CBSE board.
For this, the board has changed the last date of application as soon as possible. The last date for applying for the candidates was on August 31, when the date has now been changed to July 15. In the notification issued on the official website of the CBSE, the rules for changing school are given in eight categories with reasons. The notification contains information about reasons for changing the school.

Now according to new rules, students will have to tell the reason for changing the school and also have to give their documents. The reasons given by CBSE will be to give relevant documents to the transfer of parents and family migrations (on changing business, on renting a new house, changing the rental home). Apart from this, if the student goes to another hostel, changing school or having a fail or wishing to change the school for good education, he will have to give the documents. If there is a greater gap between school and lodging or due to medical needs, if a student is forced to change the school, it is also mandatory to give relevant documents to the CBSE Board.

These documents will have to be provided
On Transfer of Parents: Letter of Parents, Student's Previous Class Marksheet, Last Year Report Card, Provincial Transfer Certificate, Parent's Company Letter, where they have been transferred.
On changing the place: Housing certification, rental contract, address of old business address and document on changing business address. If the company is changed, the company's letter and related bank loan on taking new home etc.

On shifting from the hostel: Its fees, fees are Bank Transaction.
On Failure: Student's Marksheet
On getting admission in another school to get better education: The student will have to give last report card.
In case of removal of school: An affidavit is required from the parent, which states that the house from the school is only kilometers away.
In case of medical requirement: Medical Certificate must be provided.