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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

TikTok Vanishes from Google, Apple app stores in India after ban :Here's why TikTok is being banned in India:

The Madras High Court on Tuesday had refused to stay the ban on the app and appointed an independent counsel to the case. The Court had asked the Centre to ban the app after hearing a petition by senior advocate S Muthukumar which said that children using the app were vulnerable to exposure by sexual predators

Why TikTok is being banned in India:2019
Earlier in the week the Supreme Court's had also refused to stay the interim ban on the app's downloads.
The company, responding in a statement on Tuesday had said that it was confident its 120 million users would continue to use the platform. It had also said that it removed over 6 million videos that violated its ‘'Terms of Use and Community Guidelines', following a review of content generated by its users in India.However it has not commented on the removal of the app from Google and Apple stores yet

In India how TikTok is being banned in India:
TikTok, an app for creating and sharing short videos, is officially gone from Android's Google Play and iOS' App Store.
TikTok is being banned in India:
This comes after Madras High Court issued a directive to the Government of India to ban downloads of the app in India. Responding to the orders, India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) asked Apple and Google to disable the downloads of the TikTok app from the App Store and the Play Store

Today TikTok is being banned in India why banned
The video-centric social media app has faced significant backlash, including allegations of quality control, wherein multiple reports surfaced with questions of how abusive or pornographic a general section of TikTok’s content was. The app's addictiveness and cyberbullying were additional reasons that contributed to its deletion.
TikTok Vanishes from Google, Apple app stores in India after ban :Here's why TikTok is being banned in India: Five things that led to the ban of TikTok app