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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

If you do not get the money in the Prime Minister's Kisan Honor Nidhi Scheme, please do this helpline on the helpline

If you do not get the money in the Prime Minister's Kisan Honor Nidhi Scheme, please do this helpline on the helpline  Many registered farmers have not received any money under the Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme launched to provide cash assistance to the farmers. In the same village some farmers have come to two to two thousand rupees twice, and some farmers did not get even the first installment.
            The first installment in some farmers' accounts has come, but the second installment has not come. Such people should contact their agricultural officer or government helpline and should know if their name is in beneficiaries or not. If so, then they should ask why money did not come.
According to Vivek Agrawal, CEO of the scheme, 'The scheme money in the farmers' account is not going directly from the government account. The Central Government sends money to the state account, then the money from the state government's account to the farmers is reached. The central government is sending money to every beneficiary. 'If you do not have any money in your account, then contact your revenue officer lekhpal and the farm officer. If there is no talk, you can contact from Monday to Friday PM Kisan help desk or e-mail. If this does not happen, talk to this phone number.

Help Desk Phone Number: -011-23381092
Not only this, but you can also contact the welfare section of the plan. His phone number in Delhi is as follows: - 011-23382401

The central government is claiming that nearly three crore farmers have got the benefit of this scheme. When the farmers of the village are saying that money has not been reached in their account yet. The central government has made the base biometrics compulsory for the third installment of the scheme. When only the base number was needed for the first two installments. The third installment process will start after the election.

Farmers of these three states got the highest benefit: -
Uttar Pradesh: - 10849465 farmers
Andhra Pradesh: 3296278 farmers
Gujarat: - 2729934 Farmers